''The Greek ''OLYMPIANS’’

The idea of creating the ‘’OLYMPIANS’’ in other words the athletes which participated in OLYMPIC GAMES is another advanced Greek idea which was organized officially in 1987 among the members of the GREEK OLYMPIC COMMITTEE.

A’ president was George Vichos, world champion, lawyer and A’ general secretary of Sports in 1959. ESOA (the Greek OLYMPIANS Association) embraced the philosophy and the ideas of the OLYMPISM of Antiquity (Socrates, Aristotelis) and in modern era, Pierre de Coubertin, Dimitrios Bikelas and Evagelos Zappas.

In the following years the Greek Olympians (George Zaimis, Dimitris Skourtis, George Andreadis) brought their Association under the umbrella of the International Olympic Committee followed the creation of the WORLD OLYMPIANS Association and their installation in the GREEK OLYMPIC COMMISION building in Athens.



In 1993 the INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE in accordance with the rules and the values of the Olympic Spirit in the line of its creator Pierre De Coubertin the WOA (the WOLRD OLYMPIANS ASSOCIATION) of all OLYMPIANS around the World. WOA accepted in full the principles set by the Greek OLYMPIANS Association and endorsed them its statute.

Pierre de Coubertin, the supporter of the Olympic Ideals

During the past years in the WOA administration the Greek presidents Dimitrios Skourtis (1993) and George Andreadis (since 2000) helped and in this way WOA (World Association of OLYMPIANS) grew up to 140 National Association around the world.

Today WOA under the presidency of Prince Albert of Monaco (5 times OLYMPIANS of OLYMPIC Winter games in Bobsled ) moved forward in what we (since Pierre de Coubertin said that) today say: ‘’More important than winning is participating’’ after all ‘’efforts values more than the result which is not certain’’.